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Aaryani Sahay

Mental Health Advocate, Author & Social Entrepreneur

Aaryani Sahay is a teenage mental health advocate. At the age of 14, she co-founded Project ‘Let’s Talk’ which aims to spread mental health awareness and break the stigma around reaching out for help among adolescents through awareness sessions & workshops. Till date over 3400 people have been impacted through 105 awareness sessions of the initiative and gained the support of over 100 volunteers. She has also presented the project at the United Nations Headquarters and the Women’s Economic Forum where she received the ‘Young Leaders Creating a Better World for All’ award. Aaryani is also the recipient of the ‘Young Achiever 2020’ award by the Indian Achiever's Forum for her contribution to social welfare. Over the course of the pandemic, she co-authored ‘The Book of Wellness’ to help people take care of their physical and mental health through which she raised over 1 lakh rupees to provide 7000+ meals for the hungry. Aaryani believes in empowering youth and envisions a world in which everyone is a changemaker.

Kannika Shivapal

Nature Lover, Wildlife & Climate Activist & Youth Leader

Kannika Shivapal, is a 15 year old from Bangalore who is an avid nature lover, wildlife activist and the founder of @project_civet, a project that aims to conserve wildlife by management of man animal conflict through coexistence by creating youth leaders who champion for the cause of wildlife conservation in their localities. Kannika has showcased her work at the United Nations, New York as an advocate for Wildlife conservation at the Activate Impact Summit. She has also successfully participated in the 2020 Stanford Environmental & Water Studies Summer Program and satisfyingly accomplished academic requirements of environmental and water studies.

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Gautam Dayal

 A coder-conservationist using data to solve environment & climate problems

Gautam Dayal is a 17-year old conservationist, coder and the founder of SaveBellandurLake, an organization centered around a community website that aims to connect activists to tangible ways they can contribute to conservation efforts, and to sensitize younger people to the various problems faced by Bellandur Lake in Bangalore. He has presented his work for the revival of the lake at the United Nations in 2018. After a research project under Stanford Earth in agriculture and its effects on the environment, Gautam has been especially involved in using data science and AI to help find patterns and solve environmental problems, with a focus on climate science. 
Gautam is also helping set up Climate Action clubs in several Bangalore schools to activate youth action towards Climate crisis, by advising on potential project ideas and the scope of data-related technology in those projects

Indira Jayakrishnan (IJK)

Principal, National Academy for Learning, Beta Thinking & Innovating in Education

Indira Jayakrishnan or ‘Ms. IJK’, as she is fondly addressed by her team, is Principal, National Academy For Learning, Bangalore. She has a strong background in education, public relations, corporate management, writing, editing and publishing that spans over two decades of work life in Bangalore and Chennai. A people’s person, she is warm, engaging and empathetic in her dealings. Her core passions – children, education and teaching practices – fly high with her irrepressible creative spirit, even in lockdown times. She and her team of steely teacher warriors have been fighting hard since March 2020 to keep academic goals and social emotional nurturing flourishing at school. And to great effect.

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Rishi Gaurav Bhatnagar

Building a meaningful future through empathy, design & technology

Rishi exists at the intersection of design, product, storytelling and technology. He's exploring what it means to build a future where technology helps humans become more human. His curiosity lies in identifying how empathy empowers self, communities, learning, products and businesses. In the past, he has used storytelling to teach science, technology and design to 8-year-olds (through his book), helped plants speak with school students through an AI interface (showcased at The Whitehouse in 2016) and built floating cameras to support safe data collection during floods. He is an author, Intel Software Innovator, Forbes 30 under 30 Asia and a sense-maker. he He lives between what is and what will be.

Sadhwi Majumder

Artist, using traditional dance forms to tell modern stories through movement and expressionism

Sadhwi Majumder is an artist, director, actor, choreographer and a classically trained dancer who is using the medium to tell modern stories through movement, expressionism, symbolism and traditional value sets that are teetering on the brink of relevance. She is one of those people who needs to move to think. She has been dancing since she was 4 years old and is a national scholar in Bharatanatyam. She has performed all around the world and takes keen interest in sharing the joy with other dance enthusiasts. Sadhwi's  focus is to tell the story and to express. To use the technicalities and the form as tools to communicate. Sadhwi blends in the classical and the modern, the traditional and the contemporary with finesse and ease in service of story and expression.

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Tirthankar Dash

Pattern Mapper & Coach, Head of Design & Strategy at Quantum

Tirthankar Dash is a Pattern Mapper & Coach who studies human behaviour patterns at depth and scale.
Insights emerge at the intersection of patterns. These insights shape the design of self, leadership, strategy and policy. Dash uses data science and human sciences to make sense of patterns. As the Head of Design & Strategy at Quantum, Dash has worked with leaders at 100+ companies in the Global1000 to unlock human insights that have shaped the design of brands, products, innovation, growth, and corporate purpose. As an Executive Coach, he has coached 100+ senior executives, leaders and entrepreneurs to unlock their story and achieve purpose, authenticity and meaning!

Smriti Singh

Climber, Photographer, Bartender & Fire Flow Artist

"Who said you have to be the master of something when you can be the jack of all? You have one life, Experience it" _ That's the motto of Smriti's life!
Despite being a double graduate and graduating with honors Smriti chose to become a bartender not because she wanted to but because she had to as it was hard to maintain a financial balance as a sport climber. Smriti has around 14 national medals in sport climbing and has also won a bronze in the Asian open. In 2016 Smriti also won a silver in a mixology (bartending ) competition. Flair bartending is a form of flow arts and her love for fire and movement led Smriti to explore more options and now she is a fire flow artist . Smriti is also working on creating a lifestyle channel on YouTube to help create awareness about choices we make and their consequences.

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Prof Nandita Abraham President Pearl Aca

Prof. Nandita Abraham

Seeker, Explorer, Learner. President at Pearl Academy

Prof. Nandita Abraham is an ambitious and energetic leader who works with a mission to keep students at the centre of all initiatives. With over 25 years of dynamic experience across corporates and academia, Nandita joined Pearl Academy in 2001 as a faculty member. Over the years, she has worked successfully at various positions within the academy. From being a faculty to heading corporate relations & marketing departments, Nandita in her earlier role as Executive Vice President also led Pearl academy’s efforts to integrate industry with the classroom. Amongst many unique initiatives, Nandita spearheaded the path- breaking Pearl Academy – Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) collaboration, which sets a new benchmark for the Industry Academia partnership. Nandita has driven multiple initiatives and has championed pedagogy enhancement and student learning initiatives with a keen focus on internationality and industry connect. Apart from managing strategic key initiatives of the organisation, she has been playing an active role in growth and expansion of the Academy

Venky Ramachandran

Building bridge between Nascent Agritech and Timeless Agriculture

Venky Ramachandran is a writer, Independent management consultant, and Executive Coach. He works in the domains of culture and agriculture. He works with agritech startup founders to help them build better platforms to solve challenging problems in Indian Agriculture. He is also co-founder of Mandram Indic Talks Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides a platform to curate innovative ideas, insights, and concepts in native languages through inclusive public discourse.  He also runs a popular newsletter, Agribusiness Matters, a weekly newsletter covering Agriculture and Agribusiness in the nick of transformation. The free weekly newsletter is read by 21000+ Agtech professionals, VCs, Agribusiness Leaders across the globe.